Gail Roberts, Vice President
Gail Roberts & Team
- Ed Feijo
- Stephanie Spain
- Brian Long
Coldwell Banker
Residential Brokerage
1730 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138
Cathy's ability to creatively transform rooms to charming living spaces never ceases to amaze us. Her staging allows buyers to envision their lives in that home, which makes their buying process easier. She is just as adept at working with blank canvases as blending with what a seller already owns. House Blend is one of the most important investments an owner can make when selling their home. Cathy's professionalism, punctuality and creative eye really make her stand out from others in the field. In our book she's the best.
Carol Kelly
Vice President
Hammond Real Estate
2 Brattle Square
Cambridge, MA 02138
617-497-4400 ext.241
My sellers hired Cathy Moretti, owner of House Blend, to stage three condominiums available in a loft development. She not only completed the job on time (a rarity for the staging business) but totally transformed each of the units to reflect its own personality. Subsequently all of the condos have sold. I attribute her genius in decorating these homes as a major contributing factor. I highly recommend her, not only because of her talent but also for her professionalism and enthusiasm. Please don't hesitate to call me with any other questions you might have.
John Petrowsky
Vice President
Hammond Real Estate
Cathy Moretti has helped numerous individuals and families throughout Cambridge and surrounding towns achieve dramatic success in the sale of their real estate. With a careful design sense and intelligent planning, she arranges furniture and objects to maximize space and utility, capturing buyers' attention and facilitating their understanding of the space. Her work has encouraged buyers to visualize themselves in the new setting. Working closely with many real estate agents, she has earned innumerable people's praise in helping to secure high prices in short spaces of time.
Dear Cathy - Your elegant choice of furniture to "stage" our listing on Blakeslee was so admired by all our buyers, as well as by the brokers who showed the house. They all wanted to know who the interesting people were who lived there (and who had such great taste)! Thank you for an excellent job. You were great to work with and we look forward to working with you again soon! Please feel free to use us as a reference.
Varney Hintlian
Prospectus, LLC
Cambridge, MA
House Blend has clearly been a "value add" when marketing our loft development. Cathy Moretti successfully managed to create uniquely stunning interiors in each unit she completed and was always willing to work with any challenge that came her way. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend House Blend for any project and look forward to working together in the future.
Thomas von Zabern
Broker, Builder, and
Renovation Specialist
The first two times House Blend staged properties for me, the long-suffering listings each sold within a week. The third time Cathy's handiwork has markedly improved traffic at the site and buyers returned for second viewings, something that had not happened in the past. I advise my clients that first-rate staging usually results in a markedly quicker sale, which usually results in a higher selling price, and that a quicker closing also spells a savings on monthly carrying costs, thus more than offsetting the staging fee. In dealing with House Blend, I have found them to be both simple and pleasant. Cathy is personable and genuinely fun to work with. Within several days, but always within the agreed to timeframe, the work is done. Bottom line, I have learned to appreciate Cathy as an invaluable ally in selling my most problematic listings. I could not recommend her highly enough.
Debjani Banerji
Cambridge, MA
Dear Cathy - You did wonders to our place. Your choice of color and placement really took our home to the next level. The agents and clients were very impressed with how well our place was decorated. You highlighted architectural features by placing pictures and objects in just the right places. You brought in color to our very neutral home. You gave me lots of ideas on how to truly decorate and taught me how to bring patterns and colors together to add spunk to basic furniture. You came highly recommended to me and now I know exactly why. Thanks for all your help!
Rosalind Weir
Cambridge, MA
Cathy - There's been such a flurry of activity around the sale of our house that we've had little opportunity to reflect on the process. Your input has been extremely valuable to us: Jim and I really appreciate your work!! I know that your time was pressed and that you were in the process of heading out for a vacation when our house was being marketed- thus requiring twice the effort. You did a fabulous job! We will be recommending House Blend in the future to everyone we know selling a home! Please feel free to use our name as a reference. Again, thanks so much for stepping in to help!
Being totally unfamiliar with Cambridge and its resources, we were glad to be introduced to the services of House-Blend, Inc. We are convinced that the tastefully furnished living room was an important factor in promoting interest in potential buyers. We believe that Cathy's artistry helped to present the apartment's possibilities and lead to its sale in an otherwise sluggish market.
Allan Winkler
Cambridge, MA
Dear Cathy - Many thanks for the work you did setting up the ground floor of my parents' home. Those rooms gave the whole house a new sensation; the feeling of connection to the building. It didn't give you the sense of being in someone else's home as much as just a welcoming place to spend a little time. From the moment you opened the door, I was struck by the views and sight-lines you created. You made the good aspects look great and the little worn and torn bits all but invisible. The fact that the house sat on the market for eight months prior to your staging, and then got a buyer a week after you worked on it is a testament to how important staging is, and how well you know your work.